Don’t Let Debt Defeat You: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Provide a Fresh Start

When you need a Chapter 7 lawyer in New Orleans, LA, one call to the office of John C. Menszer, LLC will help you get started working towards the second chance you deserve. Bankruptcy is never an easy solution, but when unmanageable debt, creditor harassment, obscene interest charges and late fees, and the embarrassment of not feeling in control of your financial affairs are starting to take their toll, it can be the choice you need to make in order to regain your independence. Our solutions are easy and painless, and will help you complete your bankruptcy petition more quickly than you might imagine.

Liquidation bankruptcy is so labeled because typically, a person’s debts are settled by the sale of his assets. This typically includes the sale of property, automobiles, businesses, stocks, and virtually anything of value. The proceeds are then divided amongst creditors, and the remainder of a person’s debts are typically forgiven. However, with the help of a skilled attorney, it is often possible to go through this process while still maintaining ownership of your home, car, business, and other assets necessary for you to rebuild your life.

For a Chapter 7 lawyer in New Orleans, LA that understands the nuances of this complex branch of law and has the skill and experience needed to help you succeed, call the office of John C. Menszer, LLC. We’re fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind, and are able to offer a variety of flexible payment plans and options. We offer a free case evaluation, presenting you with a clear understanding of all your options. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation and take charge of your debt before it takes control of your life.

Don’t Let Debt Ruin Your Life; Get Your Debt Absolved With the Help of John C Menszer, LLC.

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